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Original seascape oil painting by Tisha Mark, "Wintry Seas No. 4" 6"x6" oil on canvas (2024), shown here with palette knife and paintbrush for scale.

Wintry Seas No. 4, 6"x6" oil on canvas, by Tisha Mark (2024).

Continuing with my study (obsession, really!) of light and atmosphere, I’m planning to incorporate seasonal light into my paintings this year, with a special focus on larger seascape paintings.

This January, I’ve been immersed in times of rest, hibernation, and rejuvenation. Recharging creatively. Waking up from hibernation and leaning into a place of comfort to recharge my sense of creative energy.

For me, creating from a place of comfort means returning to my favorite limited palette of phthalo blue, burnt umber, and titanium white, mixed to create rich gray tones containing hints of blues and earthy browns.

Original seascape oil painting by Tisha Mark, "Wintry Seas No. 1" 20"x20" oil on linen (2024). Wintertime sea and sky, painted in a limited palette of grays, blue, browns, black, and white.

Wintry Seas No. 1, 20"x20" oil on linen, by Tisha Mark (2024).

Original seascape oil painting by Tisha Mark, "Wintry Seas No. 5" 6"x6" oil on canvas (2024), shown on a shelf with a small vase and seashells.

Wintry Seas No. 5, 6"x6" oil on canvas, by Tisha Mark (2024).

With my New England winter as my muse, the result is this small new collection of five atmospheric moody seascapes, textured with palette knife markings to create a wintry sea and sky. Wintry Seas Nos. 1 – 5 are available now on my website.

Up next... In February and March, I’m looking forward to tackling two new 30”x30”s on beautiful cradled gessobord – this premium smooth surface gives me so much freedom in painting my seascapes. I am so excited to start working on these, incorporating the shifting light of early springtime. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you in the coming weeks - stay tuned!  

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