June 20, 2024

Sophie’s Postcard Fundraiser Auction

by Tisha Mark in Sophie's Postcard0 Comments

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I am thrilled to share that I am again participating in Sophie's Postcard Fundraising Auction as a contributing artist!

Since 2018, St Richard’s Catholic College has raised over £82,500 and auctioned over 3000 original artworks for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in memory of former pupil, Sophie Maria Taylor who loved art.

#sophiespostcard is a secret auction consisting of original postcard-sized artworks, made and donated by professional artists, designers and illustrators, plus up-and-coming artists from the school and the general public. More than 3,000 original postcard sized artworks have been auctioned on eBay for the event since the first auction in 2018 and over 2000 have been donated for the 2024 auction.

The auction runs for 10 days on eBay, starting on June 18 with auctions ending on June 28 - June 30. Learn more about the auction and view the contributing artist list here.

P.S. Because it's a secret auction, I am only allowed to show you a small detail of my art postcard. All of the 2024 Postcards can be viewed here! "Sea" if you can find mine! 😉

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